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Our recital will take place April 28-30, 2017.

Dress Rehearsal & Recital Location:

Kennard-Dale High School
393 Main Street
Fawn Grove, PA 17321

We are holding five shows for our 2016 recital! Dates are as follows: (Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled time)

Show 1: Friday, April 28th
Show 2: Saturday, April 29th
Show 3: Saturday, April 29th
Show 4: Saturday, April 29th
Show 5: Sunday, April 30th

Dress rehearsal will take place at Kennard-Dale High School!


Our company dancers, and some routines from our recreational dance program will be included in a special Showcase performance on Sunday, April 30th

There is no dress rehearsal for this show.  Classes selected will be given more information and are given the option to commit to the show.

How Do I Know What Show My Dancer Is In?
Login to your account: Click Here On the home page, under “My Classes” click on “View Costumes and Performances” and then scroll down to see the 2016 recital information by class.

Why is My Child’s Class Listed for Two Shows?

You will be getting more information from the instructor as the class is being divided into two shows.  Your child will not be dancing in two recital shows unless it states “Showcase”, then you have an option as noted above.

My Children’s Classes are Listed in Two Shows?

We do our best to try to get all families into one class, but it is not always possible.  We plan to work the schedule to have your children in the end of one show and in the first half of the next show, and then you will be able to leave.  Dancers will do the finale of the first show.  Please email us with any questions.  We are still working out a few more details for families in this situation.

When Do I Buy Tickets?

Tickets are now on sale! If your children are in multiple shows or you will be attending more than one show, you only need to purchase one ticket! Tickets can be purchased at www.tututix.com/DWMSOD or you can call 855-222-2TIX (2849)

Children under 17 are FREE and no ticket is needed.

Do Room Parents Need a Ticket?

Yes, all adults 18 and older need to purchase a ticket.