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Important Dates, Events, and Updates

At Dance With Me School of Dance, we do our best keep you updated about our event and class schedule.


We offer dance programs for students of all ages and skill levels. Our classes develop coordination, as well as the understanding of various dance concepts and terminologies.

During our lessons, we concentrate on building a positive image and gaining self-confidence. We also focus on alignment, memorization, and proper execution of movements. Students of our ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and jazz/hip-hop classes will learn a dance routine to perform in our annual recital.

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This class introduces students to the basics of ballet dancing. During this program, dancers will learn about the ballet terminologies and concepts.


The movement and rhythm of a tap performance transform the dancer into a percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement. In our tap lessons, we teach students to find beats and rhythms not only in music but also in their bodies.


Jazz dance combines techniques of modern dance and classical ballet, as well as current styles of popular dance. In addition, jazz has its own unique movement vocabulary, ranging from the movement of the entire body to the isolation of certain body parts.

Jazz dance can take on various styles and characteristics, including Broadway, street jazz, percussive, lyrical, and contemporary. Jazz classes can be patterned in any of these styles, or make a combination of existing jazz disciplines.

Jazz emphasizes the importance of energy, style, and rhythmical accuracy. Each level of jazz, which increases in difficulty, is a continuation of the previous level.


This advanced program challenges students with more complex combinations in the center and at the barre. Students will work on balance, fluidity of movement, and movement combinations.

Dancing on pointe involves performing steps from ballet while standing on the tips of the toes. Also referred to as pointe work, it is performed using stiff-shanked and hard-toed pointe shoes.

Dancing on pointe requires skill and strength, so permission from an instructor is required before students can begin taking pointe classes.

2 to 3 Years of Ballet Training
By Instructor Placement Only


This class combines jazz steps with hip-hop routines to develop the students’ coordination. The program also helps dancers gain a better understanding of jazz and hip-hop concepts.

Ballet I

This class is the students’ first introduction to a formal ballet class structure. Musicality continues to be emphasized, together with coordination and balance through the strengthening of the body core. In addition, center floor work is introduced, focusing on the positions of the feet, legs, and arms using classical ballet vocabulary.

Ballet II / III

During this stage, advanced strengthening and stretching exercises are given. Barre work is continued, with a greater emphasis on French terminology and vocabulary.


During this class, pointe fundamentals are taught to students of the appropriate technical age and ability. Students must be physically ready because of the risk of injury. For students to advance to pointe class, they must complete one dance year of pre-pointe, as well as pass an evaluation.

The evaluation process provides teachers with the opportunity to see where the student needs work in order to prepare for pointe. The evaluation focuses on the legs (strength and straightness), feet (strength, flexibility, shape, and alignment), ankles (straightness and strength), and overall body alignment.


This class introduces students to the basic style and vocabulary of hip-hop movement. Hip-hop is about expression and personal style. This high-energy class can be taught to anyone who loves to move, so no prior dance experience is required.

What to Wear

For your convenience, we have a online studio store for your dancewear needs.

Dance With Me (Parent and Child) Any style/color dance attire leotard tights optional in warmer weather, or leggings, shorts, fitted t-shirt. Pink Ballet slippers, hair pulled back

Watch Me Dance (Independent Class for age 2-3)  Any style/color dance attire leotard tights optional in warmer weather, or leggings, shorts, fitted t-shirt. Pink Ballet slippers, hair pulled back.

Dance & Tumble: Any style/color dance attire, tights optional in cooler weather, pink Ballet slippers, hair pulled back.

Ballet: Recreational dancers should wear fitted dance attire (ex. leotard, leggings, shorts, tank top, fitted t-shirt). Progressive Ballet dancers should wear any style/color leotard and tights. All dancers should wear pink Ballet slippers and have hair pulled back.

Tap/Ballet Any style/color dance attire, tights optional in warmer weather, Black Tap Shoes, Pink Ballet Slippers, hair pulled back.

Jazz: Any style/color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, tank top, fitted t-shirt, leotard), No Crop Tops,  black slip-on Jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

Tap: Any style/color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, tank top, fitted t-shirt, leotard), No Crop Tops. Black Tap shoes, hair pulled back.

Contemporary: Any style/color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, tank top, fittedt- shirt, leotard), pink ballet shoes, hair pulled back.

Acro: Any style /color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, tank top, fitted t-shirt, leotard), tan jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

.★ Hip Hop: Any style/color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, t-shirt, leotard – No Crop Tops) hair pulled back. Black sneaker Converse/Vans type shoes with white soles

Theatre & Voice: Any style/color moveable attire and clean sole sneakers.

Company Dancers: as per dress code

Hip Hop Crew: Any style/color dance attire (ex. leggings, shorts, tank top, fitted t-shirt, leotard) and hair pulled back. Black Converse/Vans type shoes with white soles .

Summer Classes & Camps


Recital Information


Recital Dates: TBA (typically May)
Dress Rehearsal Dates: As per show schedule
Dress Rehearsal and Recital Location: TBA


There will be multiple shows held within the recital weekend.  Dancers will be assigned to  a show by the class they are in. The day and time for their class will be announced closer to the event.

  Tickets  will be sold for each show  




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what show my dancer is in?
Log in to your account. Under “My Classes,” click on “View Costumes and Performances,” and then scroll down to see the  recital information by class.

Why is my child’s class listed for two shows?
You will be getting more information from the instructor as the class is being divided into two shows. Your child will not be dancing in two recital shows unless it states “Showcase,” then you have an option as noted above.

Why are my children’s classes listed in two shows?
We do our best to try to get all families into one class, but it is not always possible. We plan to work the schedule to have your children at the end of one show and in the first half of the next show, and then you will be able to leave. Dancers will do the finale of the first show.

Please email us with any questions. We are still working out a few more details for families in this situation.

When are tickets available?
Tickets TBA. If your children are in multiple shows, or you will be attending more than one show, you only need to purchase one ticket.

Tickets can be purchased TB A . Children under 17 years old are given free admission.